Do you need an Amazon Consultant, Expert, or Coach?

The best Amazon Consultant, Expert or Coach really depends on the situation you are in. If you are a solo entrepreneur who is looking for one on one help and motivation, an Amazon coach may be best for you. If you are looking for an Amazon Coach, I’d recommend the Startup Bros and/or Brian Burt. Both seem to have a very good grasp on the Amazon ecosystem while being able to teach Amazon in multiple ways to help accentuate students competitive advantages.

Amazon Consultant

For everyone else…

Many times, the company looking for an Amazon Consultant does not even know what they are looking for. Companies have come to me in the past and said that they have an Amazon problem and they do not know what to do about it. From there, I have to put my Amazon detective hat on and try to ask the proper questions to figure out what the core problem is.

Some common problems

  • Core problem is a lackluster team
  • They do not have the proper software to forecast and report sales
  • They have an ordering problem and have trouble keeping in stock
  • Some companies are not aware of the Buy Box algorithm and are never winning the Buy Box
  • Problem maintaining M.A.P./MSRP on
  • They don’t know if they should sell as a third party seller or want to sell direct
  • They’re worried about how their B2B customers and brick and mortars will react
  • Confused how the fee structure and pricing works
  • Irrational fear of the unknown
Among many other pain points I hear on a daily basis

For some of these problems; as in a lackluster team, you will most likely want to hire a full-service Amazon consulting firm since you most likely do not have the bandwidth to rehire and train a team from scratch.

If you do not have the proper fee structure, software or are confused about Seller vs. Vendor central, then you may just need an Amazon expert. You are looking for an expert who can answer a few questions, but you are ready to take over the Amazon account management from there. These jobs would require you to hire an Amazon Consultant or an Amazon expert on a job by job basis and would not require an ongoing retainer in most situations.

I meet a lot of Amazon Consultants, Experts and Coaches when I travel and speak at conferences all around the world. So no matter your issue or price range, I am sure I can connect you with the proper Amazon Consultant, Expert, or Coach.

If you need help with your Amazon account, let me know HERE

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